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How about protecting our Second Amendment rights? Ellin is on record supporting "common sense" gun control, meaning he thinks the right to keep and bear arms is not a fundamental right, but something best left to the Democrats in Annapolis to decide for us. How about being a Republican for longer than two years? In 2014, he was registered as a Democrat. Public records show that his first GOP primary vote in Carroll was in 2016. Is giving money to Anthony Brown, Larry Hogan's Democrat opponent in 2014, but nothing to our Republican Governor who received nearly 83 percent of the vote in Carroll consistent with our values? How about giving money to Democrat Attorney General Brian Frosh, whose only job, it seems, is to spend your taxpayer dollars filing or joining frivolous lawsuit after lawsuit against the Trump administration? How about taking money from donors outside of Carroll? A look at his campaign finance report reveals that he raised his $50,000 war chest from over a hundred contributions — and only received slightly more than a dozen contribution from donors living in Carroll County. He also reported over a half dozen out-of-state contributions. Carroll County values indeed! Ellin also wants to "bring back our rightful share of tax dollars." How does he expect to accomplish this Herculean task? By working with Mike Miller and Mike Busch and his Democrat cronies to raise our taxes to increase the size of the pie so the Mikes will cut us a sliver while giving a larger share to Baltimore City, Montgomery and Prince George's counties?

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